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Skin-Pins,  Tattoo Cartridges,  fits all Cartridge machines and Cartridge grips...


Manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry.


Medical grade Surgical Stainless Steel and Plastic tip


Safty Membrane inside, prevents ink and blood from getting to your machine 


100% sterilized by E.O. Gas


Sizes From,  1  Needle up to  9  Needles,   Liners,   Round Shaders,   Mags,   Round Mags

                                                    Cost  $23  Per Box /  20 Pcs


Sizes From,   11  Needles   up to   17  Needles,   Liners,    Round Shaders,   Mags,    Round Mags

                                                    Cost  $27  Per Box / 20 Pcs



Skin-Pins, Tattoo Cartridges

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